Sexual Secrets:

Suck Him to Sleep

By Anony

Let's Spice it up!


"We are all at different places in our journey" 

Some will be ready and some will not. If YOU are ...

Take my hand and let me gently guide you through a familiar but vastly unknown water.

Buckle up and tune your senses up to 100. Take 3 deep breaths. Center yourself and bring all of your attention to this very moment. 


This path will allow you to deepen your intimate connection to your partner and your scope of intimacy with each other, and it will simply open your heart and soul to each other.


Essentially, learning how to open yourself up is just about being present in the moment. It will also open you up to more for self-love and ultimately self-care.

This type of growth can transform your sexual drive into a sexual/spiritual chemistry and energy that will transcend the physical body and awaken YOU into a state of heightened consciousness.  

Need real technique?

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